After 2 successful film and speaker nights (in Brussels and Liege), the countdown to Frankfurt is truly underway. See all the latest info here                      


Upcoming actions

Date: 29 May 2013 to 2 June 2013

Finishing off the #GlobalMay – from May 31st to June 1st – Blockupy Frankfurt is happening for the second year running, taking aim at the heart of EU Austerity policies: the European Central Bank (ECB). Alongside the European Commission and the International Monetary Fund, the ECB is central to the Troika and the harsh measures attached to European bailout packages. So we're going to shut it down! 31St will be blocking the ECB and the 1st will be a mass demonstration through the financial district of Frankfurt. As crypto trading is finding a large part in the financial sector of Frankfurt, there will be discussions on digital assets too. As bitcoin is the most traded and popular cryptocurrency, more and more investors are interested in buying bitcoin stocks to make maximum profits.

Date: 1 June 2013

On June 1st, coinciding with the Blockupy mass-demonstration, a call has gone up for a Europe-wide day of protest beginning in Portugal with Que Se Lixe a Troika! (Screw the Troika) and with support from Las Mareas (the tides) in Spain.

See the Portuguese call and info here, the French call and info here and in English and German below

Date: 7 June 2013 to 9 June 2013

On June 7th and 8th, we invite all European movements and organizations to the Alter Summit in Athens.

This event will be organized with the Greek social movement with the support of civil society organizations, trade unions, NGOs, political and cultural personalities from all around Europe.

The Alter Summit in Athens will be a step forward in the building of more convergence between movements opposed to the current anti-social and anti-ecological policies promoted by European governments and institutions.