SOLIDARITY CONCERT for Greece - with Reggae Band Brima & The Melting Band

 Région de Bruxelles-CapitaleCome party with "Brima & The Melting Band" and help us raise money for a free healthcare project in northern Greece!

The solidarity concert takes place in Espace Marx, Rue Roupe 4, Brussels on the occasion of the European Action Day on March 15.

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What we raise money for:

The Social Clinic-Pharmacy Solidarity (KIFA) in Drama was organized by ordinary citizens, staffed by sensitized doctors and pharmacists, and is housed at the Workers Centre in Drama. The Social Clinic-Pharmacy Solidarity offers free primary medical care for all uninsured and the socially excluded, regardless of nationality and religion. We don’t have the illusion that we can substitute the state in the health sector. Through the Social Clinic-Pharmacy Solidarity -show our belief that people can act collectively without being dependent on any political party. The Social Clinic-Pharmacy Solidarity is not an act of charity, but a symbol of solidarity of deep political significance, of collectivity and self-management. Through such actions we retain our humanity and strengthen the social web by promoting equality and dignity. We expect that those who find benefit from the Social Clinic-Pharmacy Solidarity -will feel the need to contribute in whatever way they can. We urge all citizens to stand next to us and support this effort to prove that when banks go bankrupt, the society and the people do not go bankrupt.


We all look forward to see you!! 

Jueves, Marzo 14, 2013 - De 19:00 hasta 23:45
Espace Marx
Rue Roupe 4