Videos and Pictures from Brussels

Actions across Europe on March 13

On March 13 people across Europe took the streets "For a European Spring" and protested against the austerity policies. March 13 marked an important step in the building of a Pan-European movement challanging austerity and creating alternatives from below. Actions took place in Denmark, the UK, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Spain, Belgium and Bristol. Here are images of some of those actions:

Brussels - Austerity tour 

Madrid - La Europa de las personas contra UE de los mercados

Vienna - Bail out people! Not the banks!

Amsterdam - A guided tour through austerity


The actions in Denmark on the 13th of March were organised by a newly formed network of unemplyed "Solidarity or free fall". The network organised three demonstrations in the three biggest cities of the country, drawing about 400 people in Copenhagen and 100 in each of the other two. The demos targeted the EUs austerity policy as well as recent cuts in unemployment benefits in Denmark.

Bristol - No more austerity and cuts! Fight for our future! Demo against EU summit

Actions in Brussels - March 14

Un montage de Zin TV sur l'occupation de la DG ECFIN:

Zin TV prepared a video on occupation of DG ECFIN:

And here's another austerity tour video done by ZinTV

Russia Today reported that "The protests were led by the European Trade Union Association, and the direct action groups For A European Spring and Bloccupy".

There's a great photo album of the austerity tour here:

Radio show (in French): Retour sur l'Austérity Tour - 13 mars 2013 #EUSpring - Retour sur les actions de la semaine, en réaction au sommet européen des 14 et 15 mars 2013. « For a European Spring »