Our democracy against their austerity




For a European Spring was a successful couple of days, with a particular focus in Brussels, the political heart of the European Union. In this section you will find the materials used to mobilise people and spread the message, such as videos, the call to action and slogans that were used


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For a European Spring – what it is

'For a European Spring' is a call for actions, strikes and demonstrations all over Europe on the 13th of March, and for a pan-European demonstration and creative actions in the city of Brussels on the 14th of March.

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Why now?

'For a European Spring' is targeted at the EU Spring Summit, where leaders from across the continent will assemble on the 14th and 15 to strengthen the European Council's response to the crisis.

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Against EU austerity policies

The response to date from economic and political elites in the European Union amounts to a massive attack on welfare, social rights and democracy. This has been achieved by undermining democracy, reflected in EU policies including the imposition of austerity, demands for deep cuts in social spending, attempts to weaken labour laws and the roll back of hard earned labour rights.

Background info on austerity policies and their impacts

This course of action is dangerous, profoundly unjust, and must be reversed. While these policies are designed to rescue big banks and big business, we, the vast majority, are made to pay for the excesses of the privileged.

All over Europe struggles and strikes are happening against these unjust policies. These struggles are our struggles, and we reject the violent attempts of European states to suppress them. Now is the time for solidarity across borders and sectors, to be the force to create real democracy and social justice. We are seeking to build a society where solutions, very different to those defended by the elites and imposed by the EU, can be proposed and discussed by everybody.

We call for actions, strikes and demonstrations on the 13th March across Europe as part of a week of European resistance, with a mass mobilisation on the 14th in Brussels targeting the EU Spring Summit. We will show those in power that our growing movement will, sooner or later, be strong enough to change the course of Europe in the interest of us all.

Slogans that can be used during the week of action

Abolish all EU-austerity treaties and legislation!

For an ecological Transition!

Disarm Financial Markets!

Debt: Don't owe, don't pay!

Fire the Troika, not the people!